Welcome to Digital Gap's web site.   If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage or differentiate yourself in the market place through creative solutions, efficient distribution of corporate information, compelling content, or entertainment, you have come to the right place.   Digital Gap, Inc. delivers high impact digital information processing solutions to facilitate system development, effective corporate communications, information dissemination, knowledge sharing, marketing, and just plain simple fun.   In the next following pages we will show you by example how to transform your ideas into products with an indelible user experience.

More Money In Your Bank Account
Although Digital Gap specializes in providing high quality digital media solutions, Digital Gap's ultimate objective is to increase your company's profitability through

  • Creative Solutions
  • Efficient Information Dissemination
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Sales
  • Compelling Messages
  • Entertainment
  • Cost Savings

How Does Digital Gap Do This?
Along with our 20 years of digital systems experience, as your digital products partner Digital Gap accomplishes this in three simple steps:

  1. Leverage existing Internet services and infrastructure
  2. Levarage laptops, PCs, cell phones, handheld devices and TVs
  3. Seamlessly integrate media (communications) technologies
By working as part of your team, Digital Gap helps you determine the most effective means to realize your digital system and communicate resulting informaiton to any desktop, laptop, media PC, Pocket PC, PDA, or TV set.   Distribution includes the Internet, Intranet, and traditional media.

By now you must be wondering if this will cost you "an arm & a leg".   Not at all!!   For the approximate cost of single out of town seminar or conference, Digital Gap creates your product, information, messages and helps you distribute the information anytime, anywhere, to anyone connected to the Internet or your network.

Higher Corporate IQ
Whether you are in the high-technology, legal, medical,entertainment, entertainment, or any other type of industry, creating a memorable and enjoyable user experience results in higher client retention - what we call "Corporate IQ".   The higher your Corporate IQ, the greater competitive advantage your company has in the market place.   Let Digital Gap help you optimize your digital systems and disseminate corporate information to your clients and staff staff members - all at an affordable price.

Feel Free to Explore
We encourage you to explore in depth or in breadth our technology, our services, and our previous work. Then, we encourage you to work with us to get started using this reliable technology for your company and clients.