Below you will find a partial list of satisfied customers and examples of completed projects.   They contain a brief explanation of their media communications needs, course of action taken by Digital Gap, along with the attained results.

Viewing Requirements

  • Broadband (DSL, Cable, T1 or higher) Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer V 5.5 or greater
  • Windows Media Player V 6.4 or greater
  • VGA Monitor:   1024 x 768 or greater

Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers in the U.S. and the world with a revolutionary philosophy to provide excellence in the workplace, customer service, and always having the lowest prices.

In conjunction with AT&T, Wal-Mart is in need to create added value to its long distance pre-paid cards by branding these cards with well known artists and entertainers.   While the storage capabilities of these phone cards is limited, Digital Gap applies its video compression technologies to provide a DVD quality experience to the purchaser of the phone cards.

Below you will see a sample that is 1/4 the resolution of the actual final product that commemorate the tragic events of 9/11.

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NASCAR is one of the fastest growing sports sites on the Web, consistently ranking among the top league sites (,, on the Internet.   In 2001, received over one billion page views, which is a 45% increase from the previous year.   This past year, the site has made significant increases as it looks to exceed 1.5 billion page views by year's end.

To increase their marketing and publicity efforts, NASCAR was in need to create NASCAR branded card discs to distribute nationwide. Digital Gap received a VHS tape to digitize the promotional video. As this tape was one of their mass-produced collateral materials, it was not a good source to create the video. Digital Gap proceded to digitize the video and extensively pre-processed it to correct for electronic artifacts and noise. Once the video was cropped and cleaned, it was re-sized to the standard VHS format for display on PC monitors. The final result was delivered and had sufficient room left over in the card disc.

In the example below, you will need a broadband connection that can sustain 500 kbps or more. The reason is that this video was not intended for distribution over the Internet but was intended to be bundled in the card disc.

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Nashville Superspeedway
Nashville Superspeedway, a Dover Motorsports, Inc. operation, keeps racing forward.   In the last year alone, Dover Motorsports, Inc. has overseen the addition of two new CART street races:   the Grand Prix of Denver and the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.   Over the last two years the brand new Nashville Superspeedway has done extremely well and NASCAR has awarded the facility two Busch Series races.   Recently, Nashville has been mentioned as a possible future site for a Winston Cup race.   With the new races and racetracks comes a commitment to putting on quality events.   It is this combination of a dedication to improvement, as well as growth, that are the cornerstones of Dover Motorsports, Inc.

In an effort to expand its market perception, a promotional video of Nashville Superspeedway was created to explain how not only great racing is available but how its hospitality and event diversification makes it a unique experience for the racing fans. &nbps; Much like in the case of the NASCAR example, Digital Gap received a fairly poor quality VHS tape containing the production for mass-market.   Once digitized, Digital Gap applied its expertise to pre-process the video for encoding.

You will need a standard DSL or Cable modem Internet connection to view Nashville Superspeedway's example.

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iVEEA, L.L.C. is a diversified media corporation that is home to FUEL TV and iVEEA Production Studios (iPS), which produces and distributes digital media for entrepreneurs.   iVEEA business is to facilitate deal making between hard-to-find entrepreneurs and hard-to-access corporate executives in business, multimedia and technology using efficient and measurable channels to connect people.   For corporations, iVEEA provides innovative solutions that allow entrepreneurs to get noticed and corporations to gain access to a rising group of new buyers and their offerings.

iVEEA realizes the value of the Internet to the entrepreneurial spirit and, as such, is in need of a strong on-line initiative that reflect.   Digital Gap's expertise in the design and deployment of global digital media communications has become a principal element of iVEEA's strategy.   In this manner, iVEEA can rest asured that the highest quality on line experience will be delivered for its programs.

tv   View iVEEA's FuelTV Example

Varsity TV
From the creators of the E!, VH1, Nickelodeon, and MTV networks, Varsity TV is a teen network.   Varsity TV was created to fill a much needed marketing gap in the programming space between Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel targeting children and their families and the college bound young adults of MTV and VH1 - the High School Teen market.

Although the main objective of Varsity TV is to create another successful network, the founders of Varsity TV realized that teenagers are not afraid to embrace Internet and related technologies.   Through extensive market research Varsity TV realized that it must have an on-line experience paralleling the network if it was to be successful.

With absolutely no experience on the design and deployment of an on-line media experience, Varsity TV leveraged Digital Gap's knowledge and experience in this space to open a new era in network programming.   In response to Varsity TV needs, given that their promotional material was designed for the television, Digital Gap developed a patented encoded technology to reduce and minimize the artifacts created from sophisticated TV transitions that did not map well into the Internet.

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Marcum Media
Marcum Media excels in its extensive knowledge of the infomercial industry.   Since pioneering the infomercial concept, Marcum Media has led the way with 20 years of experience and buying more than 400 million dollars of infomercial media.   Marcum Media's cable portfolio is unmatched.   And with more than 20 years worth of expert media placement, reporting and analysis, clients are guaranteed no false starts... only the right price and the right plan.

Distribution of these infomercials are costly given the bandwidth and infrastructure requirements.   While deploying a T1 line to reduce these distribution costs, it also meant that a standard 30 minute infomercial would require 2 hours to download.   Thus the cost savings in the infrastructure were offset by lost time.   Digital Gap applied its patent pending MPEG-2 file size reduction algorithms and was able to reduce the download time from 2 hours down to a mere 48 minutes without any need to upgrade or modified the existing infrastructure.

Please stay tuned for a sample coming to the web site soon!

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Troma Entertainment, Inc.
Troma is a unique experience.   Either you have heard of them and believe they are the greatest experience or you have not heard of them at all.   But you too will know who Troma is once you see one of their movies.   In fact, you will never forget who Troma is.   In a nutshell... Troma is a movie production company who is fervently aligned with today's Internet culture.

As movie production house, Troma has both distribution and shelf space challenges in the video rental industry.   In their own words: "I NEED to to order Battle Of Love's Return or I may die, but the shopping mall won't work!"   As an alternative ditribution channel, Troma is working diligently with a 3rd partner to distribute its content to thousands of DVD kiosks.   Although this addressed the shelf space problem, the cost of ditributing several GigaBytes (GB) of data to several thousand of kiosks is a cost problem.   Digital Gap's patent pending compression technologies were able to reduce the DVD file sizes down to about 30% to 40% of its original size.   The cost saving associated with storage and distribution have been reduced by nearly 70%.

Be warned!!   The Troma sample contains strong "Language".   If this type of language offends you, please skip this example.

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BiTerra Quarter Horses
BiTerra Quarter Horses is a horse breeding operation located in Weimar, TX.   Their horses have won national acclaim and each of these horses have winnings in excess of six figures.   BiTerra's ranch is located in a secluded location in the state of Texas and with the need to promote their champions nationwide, BiTerra was in need of selective target marketing to distribute champion information.   Digital Gap received VHS tapes.   These low quality tapes were digitized and pre-processed to eliminate artifacts associated with digitizing VHS tapes.   The resulting videos were encoded for distribution over broadband consumer Internet connections.

In collaboration with Mr. Robert L. Michaels, a further challenge was presented to make the videos compatible with the Macintosh platform.   In the example below, the videos can be watched by 99.5% of broadband Internet users in the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Macintosh platforms.

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