Digital Gap's History

Digital Gap, Inc. was formed in 1998 to provide high quality, cost effective digital solutions for high-technology corporate communications, entertainment, training, and marketing type applications.

Backed by nearly 20 years of digital systems experience, Digital Gap first began by developing a comprehensive video broadcasting over the Internet product portfolio to provide live webcasting systems and services and promote events on a global basis by leveraging emerging streaming technologies and the Internet.   For nearly 3 years, Digital Gap provided a perfect webcasting record for its clients.   During this time, Digital Gap refined the processes and differentiated itself from the rest of the competition by consistently providing higher quality services and results at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Realizing the competitive advantage that streaming technologies brought to the corporation, in the year 2000 Digital Gap extended its business model to include effective corporate communications and information dissemination.   Digital Gap developed solutions for corporate global communications, mobile workforce, and reduced the production cycle from a couple of weeks to a single day - all while keeping the costs comparable or below to that of attending an out of town seminar.

Today Digital Gap continues to provide the most effective digital solutions.   Beyond production and global information distribution, Digital Gap continues to research, develop, and transparently integrate next generation technologies so that your information can be easily distribute not only to the desktop and television sets but also to your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and your cellular telephone.